I have created a separate blog for bdsm affairs. This blog will continue to include my random interests. My other will be more specific to bdsm. ;)

New Blog New Day!

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"If I told people what my fantasies were, they’d want to arrest me. That’s how I like it."

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same. :)


Let’s go on down. I don’t want to leave out the asshole. I must say I’m quite fond of the little buddy hole. It’s so cute.

Betty Dodson drawing the inside of the female genitalia. It makes me so happy to hear someone intimately know the female anatomy and love it. Men, take notes.

I love this so much!!

"Masturbation is our primary sex life. It is the sexual base. Everything we do beyond that is simply how we choose to socialize our sex life."
— Betty Dodson’s “Liberating Masturbation”  (via fuckyeahfemalemasturbation)

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Issey Miyake, 2000

i’d wear this everyday….

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